The Vets4Vets Act

The Act will transform the lives of our Veterans of the Armed Forces. There will be job security for every Vet who wants to work. The vehicle for making this happen is the non-profit Vets4Vets Company. It is The Company that provides real jobs and works to establish full employment.
The Act will reduce the Federal Budget by $50B a year...year after year. Is there anyone who doesn't want a tax break? But most importantly, The Act eliminates Political mettling with Veteran benefits. The cost of running the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to rise. That will make Veteran benefits a more and more enticing target of a budget slashing Congress.

Tax Cuts for Everyone
  • Congress shall reform the tax code to make it possible for the Vets4Vets Company to replace the Federal Government in providing benefits for Veterans.
  • Interest earned on Vets4Vets Bonds shall Taxed at the reduced rate of 15%. The average effective rate today for high earners (the top 3% who make over $250,000) is about 22%. This tax cut will mostly benefit high earners, who's effective rate will decrease by about 30%.
  • The marginal tax rate for high earners will be increased to 50%, to provide an incentive to purchase Vets4Vets Bonds.
  • Income of every kind (dividends, capital gains and carried interest, etc.) will be taxed as ordinary income for high earners. High Earners can invest in Vets4Vets Bonds to reduce their tax rate to 15%. Those High Earners who invest in Vets4Vets bonds will pay less in Federal taxes than they do today, but that's OK. They will be providing an invaluable service to their country by investing in Vets4Vets Bonds.
  • Tax brackets for middle class tax payers will be reduced by 10% across the board.

Upon Passage of The Vets4Vets Act
The Vets4Vets Company will sell several trillion dollars of Vets4Vets Bonds, and use the proceeds to purchase American health care companies and other companies that can be easily expanded to provide jobs for Vets.
With The Company eliminating $50B in Federal expenditures, and everyone getting a tax cut, and potentially millions more Americans working and paying taxes, the Federal Budget will be balanced and the National Debt will start going down.
Although there will be several trillion dollars in assets under The Company's non-profit umbrella, the value of The Company itself will always be zero. The Company will serve as a virtual trust fund for Veterans. With the homes, jobs, retirement funds and health care of 22 million Vets out of play on Wall Street, the American economy will experience a level of stability never seen before.