Have you served in the United States Armed Forces? Has someone in your family served? Do you have friends or neighbors who have served? Vets4Vets is a new non-profit organization dedicated to improving the standard of living for all American Veterans by providing jobs, mortgages and health care.

Lower Taxes - The Vets4Vets Act calls for Congress to empower Veterans, not the Federal Government, to take care of Veterans. The Act results in lowers taxes for everyone, by eliminating the cost of the government run Department of Veterans Affairs (which includes VA Hospitals). That’s a tax savings of $50 Billion dollars a year…year after year. We Vets can take care of our own, without any funding from the Federal Government. You may have seen the news reports about the scandalous treatment Vets have been receiving at government run VA Hospitals. As long as Veteran benefits are included in the Federal Budget, funding for Veteran programs will remain a target of Congressional budget slashers.

Please Register your support for The Vets4Vets Act. And please consider buying something from the Vets4Vets store. We have tee shirts, ball caps and other Vet related items. All proceeds go directly to campaigning for passage of The Act.

Attention All Veterans – Passage of The Vets4Vets Act will allow us to provide full-time jobs for every Vet who wants to work, a guaranteed mortgage and better health care than you are getting today. We are currently working on the Vet Support section of the Vets4Vets web site. That’s where you’ll browse job openings; learn about training opportunities; tell us what days and hours you want to work; schedule your vacation days; browse home listings; arrange for relocation services; Schedule medical appointments; and all of the other services that we will be offering. We recommend you register now. When we start recruiting for Beta users, those who register earliest will be asked first. And those who participate in Beta testing will receive VIP status for many Vets4Vets events.

Our Blogs.

Unemployed Vets

The number of unemployed American Veterans that is reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statics is 800,000.  Of course this number does not include those who have temporarily given up on searching for a job or those who are under-employed.  How would you rather handle this problem…let the Bureaucrats burn through billions of  tax […]

Homeless Vets

There are over 60,000 homeless American Vets.  The Department of Veteran Affairs has budgeted $1.6B to address the problem.  They are NOT saying that they will eliminate the problem.  How would you rather handle this problem…let the Bureaucrats burn through another $1.6B in tax dollars, or let Veterans actually take care of this horrific problem […]

The VA Hospital Scandal

Why would the Bureaucrats running VA Hospitals lie about the deaths of Veterans waiting months, or even years for an appointment to see a Doctor?  Greed, of course.  These Bureaucrats were offered lucrative bonuses, if they documented that they were able to schedule all appointments within  a specified time frame.  How would you rather handle this […]

The Vets4Vets Agenda

Job Security for Life
Low Cost Mortgage Guarantees
Improved Health Care
Minimal Government
Lower Taxes

The Vet4Vets Program is non-political. Politicians of all stripes have done a terrible job of meeting their responsiblities towards Veterans.

Providing Vets who wants to work with job security is a simple insurance matter. Its no more controversial than life insurance or car insurance, just a lot more important to the health of our economy and the health of stressed out Vets.