The Vets4Vets Act

There is no cost or obligation for registering your support for The Vets4Vets Act (The Act). Your personal information will never be provided to any other entity.

It's very important for you to register, and for you to encourage your friends to do the same. With millions of Americans supporting The Vet4Vets Act, together, we can influence Congress to pass it. Without millions of supporters, Congress will ignore us.

Once The Act is passed, the non-profit Vet4Vets Company (The Company) will start providing jobs, mortgages, health care, loans and insurance on a non-profit basis. There is no reason for hard working Vets to ever be unemployed or stressed over keeping their job again.

* Please deselect 'I Want to Volunteer' if you do not want to receive emails regarding volunteering opportunities. One of the goals of The Company's Volunteer program is to train Volunteers in skillsets that are valuable in the business world. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn logistics, dispatching, warehousing, computers, marketing, sales and lots of other valuable job skills.